Family business

Love of the trade

Since the 1960s, the family of Westreenen cattle trader. Now the third generation is at the helm. Initially, the family bought cows that were traded to the slaughterhouses. In 1995 the company was expanded with the purchase of a meat processing plant. Not only could the family now buy the best cattle, but they could also process it themselves. More than 8 years later, Ameco was founded, Amsterdam MEat COmpany. Ameco focuses on the traditional Dutch milk cow. To this day, we buy the cattle in the Netherlands, slaughter them and process them. Today, Ameco is part of the integrated production chain of VanDrie Group, world market leader in veal, animal feed and skin processing. 


1960 Van Westreenen sr, cattle trader, purchase and sale of cattle

1995 Purchase of meat processing plant by son Jan van Westreenen

2003 Establishment of Ameco, based in Amsterdam 

2005 Accession of Karel van Westreenen, son of Jan

2017 Opening of new slaughterhouse in Apeldoorn 

2018 Collaboration with VanDrie Group 

2020 Implementation of Safety Guard


  • Welfare of employees
  • Employment
  • Worldwide sales
  • Safe products
  • Animal welfare
  • Low 'food miles’


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