The cattle are purchased in the Netherlands, which means that traceability can be guaranteed. The origin is verifiable and attention is paid to animal welfare and the environment. The transport distance is short, after all, cattle are purchased in the Netherlands. Because only dual purpose cows are slaughtered, there is no one-sided energy-intensive rearing but an important contribution to milk production. 

In the context of animal welfare, Ameco has chosen to be the first in the Netherlands to make use of the ideas of the American zoologist and animal activist Temple Gradin. 

Gradin is a professor at the University of Colorado in the United States, and is able to empathize with cattle because of her autism and giftedness. Her thesis is: corresponds to the characteristics of cattle, also in slaughterhouses. By applying this, animal welfare in the slaughterhouse is also at the highest level.  

Annual CSR Report VanDrie Group

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