Dual-purpose grazing beef available at Ameco

Between 20% and 30% of Dutch dairy cows are removed from milk production each year. These cows have a dual purpose: namely the production of milk and meat. Ameco has been working with these animals for years but, as a result of recent changes in the production process and... More


VanDrie Group gives update on Covid-19 situation

Covid-19 continues to hold the Netherlands in its grip. It has done for over a year, and not only in this country. Our own companies have been actively and stringently anticipating the situation for over a year. And things were going well. Until the situation changed at veal... More


VanDrieGroup Takes Over Dutch Activities of A.J. van Dam Beheer B.V.

The VanDrie Group has reached an agreement in principle with A.J. van Dam Beheer b.v. with regards to completely taking over the Dutch activities in the veal sector. The takeover plan has been sent to the Autoriteit Consument en Markt (Consumers and Market Authority, ACM) for... More

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