Young beef from Ameco

Ameco supplies also the young beef from the VanDrie Group. This young beef is quite specific in taste and structure but yet accessible enough to be used in the both national and international cuisines. The meat is rich in important nutrients, contains very little fat and is easily digestible despite the bite. It is an outstanding and affordable starting point for any variegated menu.

These calves are carefully selected for Ameco. The calves are kept in group accommodations at veal farms that specialize in keeping this sort of calf (until 12 months old). The specific knowledge and expertise possessed by the veal farmers contribute to the high level of animal welfare. The calves are fed with multifaceted mixed feed.

The Foundation for Quality Guarantee of the Veal Sector (SKV) carries out extensive inspections at all veal farmers in order to ensure the health of the calves and monitor the quality of the calves' feed. The basis of the inspections is established in the Vitaal Kalf quality system. In combination with the VanDrie Group's Safety Guard quality system, the group is able to guarantee high-quality, safe and delicious veal.

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